Jesus says Let the children come to me



Father Marquette Catholic Academy





Dear Parents,


It was nice to get back into our routine for the most part last week.  I did not get the spelling test in on Friday due to the slime assembly, so I will give that today and we will not have another spelling rule until next week.  I am also planning on giving the NWEA standardized testing in math and reading this week, as I ran into some computer issues last week.


In religion we continue our study of the mass.  This helps prepare us for receiving first communion.  We are still in the beginning parts of the mass. We are building a mass booklet which will come home when we complete our unit for a study guide for the test.  It will take us a couple more weeks until we reach that point. Thank you for practicing with your children for our class mass. They did an amazing job! This week we will be walking to the cathedral to see the incorrupt heart of Saint Jean Vianney.  We will learn about this saint and relics. This should be an educational experience to remember.


In math we have taken a quiz on multiplication that should have come home last week.  I have the students 8 problems for which they had to draw arrays to figure out the answers.  Most did quite well. This week will be learning about division and relate it to the multiplication problems as well.  

Homework will consist of division problems that show pictures. I would suggest to give manipulatives (pennies, marbles, shell pasta, etc.) any objects you may have at home that the students can actually see and divide by putting one at a time into the number of groups.  Sometimes the pictures are just too abstract.


You will be receiving your child’s report card on Wednesday.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and we can sit down and discuss them, even though there are not conferences scheduled for this quarter.   


Thank you to Mrs. Khouri for walking to the Eagle Mine Education Center with us last week.  I could not have taken the students alone. They enjoyed the field trip and learned a little about mining too!  


Have a great week!