Dear Parents,


This week we will continue with the vowel team rule, focusing on ie, and ue.  We will begin reading groups and center time from 9:10-9:50. I am sending home some math homework which shouldn’t take long.  Please work on basic facts at home from 0=0 through 10+10

And subtraction from 20 being the highest number on top.  These facts will be very important for the units coming up.  


In math we have covered unit 2 lesson 1.  It was a longer lesson so it took the entire week.  We worked on reading story problems and deciding on whether we needed to add or subtract and also writing problems vertically and lining them up correctly.  This week we will cover lessons 2 and 3 in unit 2 (addition and subtraction without renaming) pages 32-38 in the texbook you have at home. We practiced writing horizontal problems vertically.  See example. Also working on basic addition and subtraction fact fluency (knowing them automatically) will help your child tremendously!


In religion we will be learning about Moses’ life and the Ten Commandments.  This will take at least a week.


We will be working with adjectives this week in grammar.   


Spelling tests were super last week (both spelling and grammar)!  I think the students are really taking off with their understanding of my system of spelling and grammar and I see it carrying over in their daily work as well.  


In science we are learning about the Earth’s changing surfaces and what causes them.  We will be doing a hands-on activity where we simulate a glacier and how it changes over time. The students are discovering ideas like erosion, fast and slow changes to the earth’s surface, and what causes them.  They love science! This has been combined with social studies and geography. I hope to have these units completed in another 2 weeks.


We will be having a Halloween party on Oct. 31st in the morning.  Anyone who would like to help plan this, please let me know. We will then set up a time to meet about the details.  


The other date I’d like to remind you of is Friday, Nov. 2nd.  It is our first 2nd grade mass. I will be sending home parts sometime next week.  


Have a great week!  

Mrs. Geary
Jesus says Let the children come to me



Father Marquette El. School





Dear Parents,


This week we will have spelling and a take-home book.  We will be starting our NWEA (MAP) testing on Thursday. This is the last testing session on the year.  On Wednesday we will be going to Young Authors. If your child bought a Young Author’s t-shirt I’m sure they will want to wear that, otherwise some spirit wear or comfortable clothes and shoes, since we will be walking quite a bit.  Lunch is included in the fee you paid, but please still send snacks as we will be snacking before we leave. Since finishing the Young Author’s books, the students have become so excited about writing. Many have dove into their next book with enthusiasm.  It’s fun to see!


In math we completed our fractions unit and have begun on our telling time unit.  You should have received the graded fractions test. We will be learning how to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes, tell time using minutes after the hour and minutes before the hour, and elapsed time (how much time has passed).  


In science we have butterflies!  We will be completing our unit by the end of this week and then touch on some general science concepts with many hands-on activities to finish out the year.  


It was so nice to see the students make their First Communions this past weekend.  I’m very proud of all of them. I look forward to them all being together next week for May Crowning all dressed up to honor Mary!  


Have a great week!